A turtle learns to love his shell: Copernicus

When Real Live Angels was in the production stage, I knew I needed a loving – and lovable – angel to go with it. Something simple and sweet. So I called my friend Jime Wimmer, who is a marvelously talented, creative and generous friend and artist. She never hesitated to help and created our smiling little hugging angel that you see at the beginning of the documentary, on our website and more. I can never repay her for the love and artistry she shared for the project.

Which is why I was ecstatic to see her own labor of love, the children’s picture book Copernicus, arrive in my mailbox.

Copernicus by Jime Wimmer

Copernicus by Jime Wimmer

“What began as a successful Kickstarter…is now real life! A little turtle hatches one starry morning with a very unique looking shell. Copernicus is a tale to be told to all children who need the lesson in loving their own shells.” 

The book tells a special story and the art is spectacular. Jime’s heart and love is evident on every page. Consider this as a lovely gift or keepsake for all ages, created by a friend of Real Live Angels everywhere! You can order here. 



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