A turtle learns to love his shell: Copernicus

“What began as a successful Kickstarter…is now real life! A little turtle hatches one starry morning with a very unique looking shell. Copernicus is a tale to be told to all children who need the lesson in loving their own shells.”

The book Copernicus by Jime Wimmer tells a special story and the art is spectacular. Jime’s heart and love is evident on every page.

About the movie Real Live Angels

The documentary Real Live Angels takes us to summer camp in north Texas to a place, like hundreds of other such camps for people with disabilities, where the diverse and deserving special needs population gets a chance to live, laugh and love like everyone else. They ride horses, they go to the pool, play games, dance and fire down the zip line – just like “regular kids”. In the process, they change the way the world sees them – and they head back in to the “real world” with renewed confidence and positivity.