Camper Christian Roberts takes a big step in life

Hanna Hindin, a longtime volunteer and nurse at Camp Summit and a full-time pediatric nurse in Fort Worth, was helping me identify this little guy and the counselor who was signing. I had the chance to get his trip down the zipline on camera back in the fall of 2011, and was editing the segment for Real Live Angels. I had forgotten that Christian Roberts, who was 9 years old at the time,  was eager to get behind the camera, and even took the reigns from me for a few minutes.

When I asked for his name so we could properly name the “Christian Cam” graphic, Hana pointed out that he and his family have taken a huge step towards bringing a smile to his face.

I think you’ll enjoy reading the article here, on the New York Daily News.  Here’s the link if you need to paste it in to your browser: . And I think you’ll enjoy meeting him in  this news segment on NBC 5 Dallas that ran in December, a few weeks before Christmas, 2013.

Click on this image to watch Amanda Guerra's story.
Click on this image to watch Amanda Guerra’s story.

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