“Circle” by Jamie Bolduc one of 5 original songs in movie

JB Guitar
Jamie Bolduc: Sings her original song “Circle” for Real Live Angels

A song inspired by family and the cohesive power of love, Jamie Bolduc’s “Circle” captures the message of Real Live Angels. It is one of five original songs featured in the film, and the first to be produced in studio for the movie.

“When I realized I had the chance to tell the story of Real Live Angels, Jamie’s song immediately came to my mind,” said filmmaker Brent Weber, who along with daughter Nicole has been a fan of of Jamie’s music for two decades.   “Jamie and I have been friends for a long time, and I first heard this song many years ago. I can tell you I have cried many times hearing it, and it is certainly no different now that she has finally laid down the track and given us the chance to put it in the movie.”

A native resident of Southern California, Jamie Bolduc has been writing songs and playing guitar since the age of 10.

“I wrote this song on the day of my annual family reunion,” recalled Bolduc. “We always hold it at my grandmother’s backyard, complete with a talent show, and I had nothing prepared.  But being a very competitive family, I couldn’t just do nothing.  My grandmother had eight children, and she always referred to our giant, ever-expanding group as the ‘Circle of Love’.  So, I tapped into that theme for inspiration, and decided to jot down my thoughts on the concept of what goes around comes around, paying it forward, and so on.  ‘Circle’ was the product of that inspiration, and I couldn’t be more proud of how organically it came to be, for the enjoyment of my family.”

Jamie joined her uncle’s classic rock cover band in 1995 at the age of 18 and began regularly performing at clubs in the Coachella Valley.  She attended Chapman University as a student of Film & Television Production,  performed at open mics in Los Angeles and played in a number of cover bands throughout Orange County until graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts.  She taught her best friend to play the guitar, and the two formed a duo known as “Joe Lies”, playing acoustic folk originals as well as covers by such artists as Indigo Girls, Edie Brickell, R.E.M. and Lisa Loeb.

“‘Joe Lies’ was the first time I heard Jamie perform, and the harmonies, depth of the lyrics, joy and energy she brought to her music was astounding,” said Weber. “We are lucky that Jamie gave us this song to use and grateful a new audience will hear her music.”

Her sophomore effort, “Kindred Spirits”, was a four-piece band that enjoyed some local attention at such venues as the House of Blues, the Coach House, and the Galaxy, performing songs authored almost exclusively by Jamie.

Today, Jamie is a business owner, operating an executive search firm in Irvine and living with her family in the South Coast Metro area.  Having taken time off to birth her son in 2010, Jamie has since returned to her true love of performing, and can be found throughout Southern California rocking with her band, “Blacklight Fusion”.

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