A turtle learns to love his shell: Copernicus

“What began as a successful Kickstarter…is now real life! A little turtle hatches one starry morning with a very unique looking shell. Copernicus is a tale to be told to all children who need the lesson in loving their own shells.”

The book Copernicus by Jime Wimmer tells a special story and the art is spectacular. Jime’s heart and love is evident on every page.

Camp Summit’s new home!

The fruit of decades of work for the folks at Camp Summit , the subject of our documentary Real Live Angels, have their own brand-spanking new home. No longer do they have to lease property for their camp, and now they have updated, state-of-the-art camping facilities for this wonderful population of campers and the professionals and…

SaMo INDIE Documentary Selections for 2015

Congrats to all of these filmmakers, especially the winning documentaries Angel of Nanjing and Truth Has Fallen. We are honored to even be considered along with these films and to receive and Honorable Mention for Real Live Angels. I look forward to meeting these filmmakers and watching their works the first weekend of October, 2015.  To learn about this…