Real Live Angels available free online

It has been several years since I completed work on the documentary Real Live Angels, chronicling the amazing power of the summer camp Camp Summit, and their decades of bringing individuals with all disabilities a wonderful camp experience. Told through the voices of the volunteers and workers, and through the actions of the campers having fun, I am proud to say the film was well received as an example of open-mindedness, love, and inclusion. At our screenings, the idea of volunteerism, reaching out to work with others, was also inspired. We had the chance to screen the film for camp workers at a few locations, too, and they expressed empowerment in the message that their work with others would be important.

And some, of course, enjoyed it because they were part of it. We were blessed to screen it for the Camp Summit folks, thanks to Freddy Cobb, who is featured in the film.

All in all, I don’t want the little movie to be forgotten, so I wanted to make it available to you to watch. Please let people in your circle of organizations know that it is here, and perhaps they can find some inspiration in the story.

Real Live Angels Full Length Private Screener from Brent Weber on Vimeo.

You can also find the link here:

This enables me to keep it private and, from being abused in any way. If you would like a DVD copy of the film, I can create that for you at my cost. Send me an email if you’d like.

Thank you to all the Camp Summit folks, my daughter Nicole and her partner Hanna, as well as all those who helped make this a reality, including Mike Boettcher, Ken Fischer, Jime Wimmer and others.

Thanks once again for keeping the story alive. I believe there are real live angels, right here on earth,

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