About us

Real Live Angels is a labor of love for Brent Weber, who learned about Camp Summit while visiting his daughter Nicole, a volunteer there. Nicole later worked full-time at the camp in a variety of roles while completing her degree in acting from UT-Arlington.

Brent_Nicole_Beach002 copyIn his fourth decade as a professional journalist, writer and performer, Brent Weber has worked as a network correspondent and anchor, local sports and news talent and producer, author, and educator. Currently an instructor at the University of Oklahoma, Weber also serves as executive producer of the daily live television newscast OU Nightly, as well as supervising producer of SoonerSports Pad, a weekly magazine show seen nationally through the Fox Sports Network. He frequently contributes to a variety of radio and television shows, including a weekly sports talk segment on KOSU-FM in Oklahoma City.

Weber also runs his own production company, Weber Creative LLC, which in turn oversees production of a variety of projects, including Action Figures TV and the upcoming documentary chronicling the wonderful place that is Camp Summit, “Real Live Angels”.

A former sports correspondent and anchor for the Cable News Network, Weber has worked as a radio and television news and sports talent and producer beginning in 1979. His career has taken him from small markets such as Macon, Georgia to mid-sized markets like Chattanooga, Tennessee and Oklahoma City, as well as a decade and a half working in Los Angeles.

In 2002, Weber published The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist (Booklocker), which is due to be released as a second, updated edition in 2014. Weber is the author of several blogs, www.scorecardscribblings.com and www.postcardsfromtheweb.com , as well as a website, www.weber-creative.com . He has also worked frequently as a commercial and theatrical actor throughout his life.

 His daughter Nicole Weber is a professional actress based in Fort Worth, Texas (www.jennifernicoleweber.com). Weber resides in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma and is currently completing work on a Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is active in support of a variety of non-profit organizations.

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