Freddy has been attending Camp Summit since he as a child and Hanna ihas worked for many years a sa nurse at the camp for those with special needs.

A Real Live Angels shout out to Spring Breakers

Real Live Angels family member and longtime camp nurse Hanna Hindin sent us a great photo with our buddy Freddy Cobb as they celebrate Spring Break camp at Camp Summit. Freddy is one of the stars of “Real Live Angels”, as you know, and I’m sure he’s still bringing smiles and shenanigans to the goings on…

Camper Christian Roberts takes the camera – and a big step in life!

Hana Hindin, a longtime volunteer and nurse at Camp Summit and a full-time pediatric nurse in Fort Worth, was helping me identify this little guy and the counselor who was helping him sign. I had the chance to get his trip down the hipline on camera back in the fall of 2011, and was editing the segment for Real Live Angels. I had forgotten that Christian Roberts, who was 9 years old at the time, was eager to get behind the camera, and even took the reigns from me for a few minutes.