Press Release: SaMo Indie 2015


For Immediate Release: October 14, 2015

Samo Indie Film Festival honors Real Live Angels summer camp doc about changing lives

Documentary promises to “change the way you see the world and all the people in it”

(Santa Monica, CA) The zero budget documentary by independent filmmaker and journalist Brent Weber celebrating the power of inclusion for the world’s special needs population, Real Live Angels was recently honored as an Honorable Mention selection at the 2015 Santa Monica Independent Film Festival. The festival included two days of screenings at the Santa Monica Playhouse in Santa Monica, California October 2 and 3, 2015, attended by members of the film community, including directors, actors and fans.

“Angel of Nanjing” by Jordan Horowitz and Frank Ferendo won the festival Best Documentary prize, while “Truth Has Fallen” and documentary short “The Osa Peninsula” also received in-festival honors. Real Live Angels filmmaker Brent Weber was on hand for several screenings, including the award-winning “Truth Has Fallen”, where he had the chance to talk about the process with filmmaker Sheila M. Sofian.

Sofian and Weber at 2015 SaMo Indie

Sofian and Weber at 2015 SaMo Indie

“It validates the work put in, the message being sent and the belief that a little film such as ours, despite having almost no financial resources and an honest, simple storytelling style, could stand on its own against films with much larger budgets and backgrounds,” Weber said. “We are the little doc that can – can tell a story about some very important people who need to be included in every day life by all of us, even if it is just at summer camp.”

Real Live Angels takes viewers to summer camp in north Texas at a place where the diverse and deserving special needs population gets a chance to live, laugh and love, “normally”. They ride horses, they go to the pool, play games, dance and fire down the zip line – just like “regular kids”. In the process, they change the way the world sees them – and they head back into the “real world” with renewed confidence and positivity.

Weber has remained active in trying to support the people and the camp we meet in the film, hosting their “Boots and Bandanas” fundraiser in 2014. And Weber adds the good news that the camp will live on at its new home for decades to come. “Not that we deserve any credit, but we are proud to say that since the film was completed, Camp Summit has been able to secure and build a new location, one of their very own, where they will be able to serve even more people, regardless their disability.” For more information about the film, you can visit the website

The website for the film reads: We fear, we avoid, we misunderstand that which we do not know. The World Health Organization estimates that more than one billion people today live with a disability. One in every 10 kids worldwide copes with a disability. Nearly 200 million people globally have significant difficulties functioning. But once we spend time with the special needs population, we begin to realize they are simply sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins and friends. They laugh, they cry, they inspire.

Told largely through the stories of staff and volunteers at Camp Summit, a sleepover camp in north Texas for people of all ages that has been serving the special needs population since 1947, Real Live Angels demystifies the campers and humanizes our connection as a global population.

Featuring original music by Jamie Bolduc, Graham Colton, Nick Hernandez, Common Sense and Nicole Weber, Real Live Angels is still making the rounds of festivals, with hopes support can be raised to make it available to camps, organizations and schools who want to share its messages.


Photos, Hi-Res logos and images as well as broadcast quality clips are available to the media at . )

Filmmaker Brent Weber with SaMo Indy media

Media Contact: Brent Weber

(405) 397-4499

Facebook Page realliveangelsmovie


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