Real Live Angels sneak clip #2

What a year it has been for the little documentary Real Live Angels. We’re still waiting on word from a last few festivals before we are able to release the story of inspiration and inclusion, one that I am so proud of. I am grateful to those who attended our past screenings and offered feedback; this is a labor of love. It was created almost 100 percent using my own funds and efforts, but I’m not complaining. The feedback from YOU about how you feel not only about this special story of Camp Summit, but about your own journey in life working with others in some way, has been humbly worth it. Sure, we hope to make the film available to you at a modest price, but not until we are sure it has made its rounds and gets its best chance of being seen by a larger audience or distributor. For now, I hope you enjoy my weekly sneak peeks, looking a variety of sections of the film. And please tell your friends, like us on Facebook and feel free to help us in any way you can to see that the story of Real Live Angels is seen and heard by all.

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