What’s going on with Real Live Angels?

Hana Hindin and Nicole Weber in studio performing  the camp song for Real Live Angels.

Hana Hindin, (left), and Nicole Weber in studio recording the camp song for Real Live Angels.

We thought it would be a good time to update you on Real Live Angels, and to assure those of you who love the film and want to see its message shared in new ways and with new people that we are still working hard. I recently transitioned to a new position as a full-time instructor of journalism at Auburn University, requiring a huge physical transition from Oklahoma to Alabama. You all know how consuming that can be, and of course there is the new job to focus on, as well.

But now that I’m settled in, we are re-focusing our long-term plans to hopefully create a foundation geared at telling stories like Camp Summit’s and sharing the film Real Live Angels wherever possible. Maybe we will be lucky enough to tell some other stories like this one in the future, too. Thanks to the wonderful people at Auburn University we are currently embarking on a necessary sub-title process, costly in most cases but for a non-profit, educational venture there are wonderful resources that will help get this accomplished. After that is complete, we will enter a few more festivals and see where we stand. At some point, of course, we will try to get the film available on the Internet, but not until it has had a go on the festival circuit.

With that said, if you would like to be able to host a screening of the film, please let me know. You can email me at brent@realliveangelsmovie.com . Please subscribe for email updates here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages and please, keep passing the word. You can purchases (we make almost no money on it) T-shirts and stuff for the holidays on our little CafePress store, too. This helps get the word out about our movie. And it is OUR movie.

Thanks again for your support and for loving Real Live Angels,

Brent Weber


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